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Baseball Player

Colin Brown - "CB"

Colin Brown

Colin Brown is  a co-host, and recording engineer, of Strike 3 Podcast.

Colin is a 911 dispatcher in the San Francisco Bay Area, with 21 years of service. The skills he is required to use in his day job has helped him on the diamond in working with coaches, players and fans. Mr. Brown has over 15 years of umpiring experience. He started umpiring in Little League, Joe Dimaggio and Babe Ruth, from 1991 through 1996. 

After a hiatus for raising a young family and job responsibilities, Colin returned to the field in 2010, working Little League and Pony Baseball for his local leagues. He started working high school games in 2013, progressing to Junior College baseball in 2015 and NAIA in 2017. Colin sets lofty goals to assist him in striving for continued improvement, and to not settle at any level.

Mr. Brown views this Podcast as a way to give back to the umpiring community. Colin does not consider himself an "expert umpire," however because of the lessons learned from, and networking opportunities presented, by attending multiple camps, clinics and the associations we work with, the Strike 3 Podcast crew does have access to the experts and the information, to assist umpires in taking their games and career to the next level.

For coaches and fans, Colin believes that our podcast will provide access to the correct baseball rules, an in-depth look at who umpires are as a community, the work umpires invest in their games, and what umpires do to continually work for improvement.

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