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Strike 3 Podcast Official Launch

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

We, at Strike 3 Podcast, are pleased to announce the official launch of Strike 3 Podcast. In addition to the initial episode, "Introductions," we are also posting 3 "Bonus" episodes for your enjoyment.

We all know how important rules knowledge is to successfully officiating your game, and the benefits to your game management, as well. These three episodes focus on baseball rules. Episodes 2 and 3, respectively discuss the NCAA rule change process with Randy Bruns, and the NFHS rule change processes with Elliot Hopkins. Episode 4 discusses the new 2021 NCAA Major Rule Changes, with the NCAA Baseball Secretary - Rules Editor, Randy Bruns.

You can find our podcasts on -



Apple Podcast

Google podcast



Radio Public

and here on our website -

Enjoy the shows!

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